Introducing The New and Improved Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program

I work with amazing and dedicated moms who have a child with Down syndrome.

The only problem is you feel like you are missing a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to your child’s health.

Your child constantly struggles to thrive and you are frustrated that the health professionals aren’t listening to you or know how to help you.    

Your child deserves to thrive and you deserve a child that is healthier and happier, so you can continue to live your life and your dreams more like you did before the Down syndrome diagnosis.

Do you:

  •        worry that your child with Down syndrome is always sick?
  •        fear that you may lose your job because your child is always sick and/or          at the doctors or  therapists appointments?
  •        feel stressed about finances because it’s too difficult to work AND care            for your child all while paying for extra doctor’s appointments and                    therapies?
  •        wonder if early intervention therapies are enough
  •        feel nervous about your child’s future and fear they may never be                         independent?
  •        struggle with your marriage because life is so stressful at home because         of your child’s complex needs and you feel like it ALL falls on you.

Imagine how good it will feel to have your child miss less school due to illness and thrive in their classroom allowing you to focus on making money and relieving you from financial struggle.   

  •        What if this year was your child’s healthiest, happiest, and most capable         yet?
  •        What if this finally freed you to focus on your wants and needs such as             improving your struggling marriage or focusing on a career to                            help reach your family’s financial goal?
  •        What if you could take that amazing vacation you had been dreaming                about because your child is now healthy and well-behaved?  

You also have the extra money because you don’t have as many sick visit co-pays at the doctor’s office and you have been able to focus on your career which means more money in the bank.

       And what if it really wasn’t that much extra work once you have a simple, system where small, incremental changes can be made weekly and you feel fully supported through the process.

You are a brilliant mom who would do anything to improve your child’s quality of life.  Whether you are looking to improve your child’s immune system, behavior, or focus, if your child is struggling to thrive, it is more work and stress for you.

The Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program is a 6 month individualized program created only for  moms who have a child with Down syndrome based on the valuable feedback from moms and my experience working with dozens of children with Down syndrome.

As you start to make changes using the simple, step by step information I will teach you in the Trisomy 21 program in your daily life you will begin to see how small, incremental changes can make a big impact in the health of your child. Once your child begins to thrive, you can too!

You will learn:

  •        how to make quick, healthy, simple, and kid-friendly approved meals
  •        how Down syndrome biochemistry is different and thus how we use                  nutrition for Down syndrome is different
  •        how to keep your family healthy and happy through the use of easy to do        wellness tips
  •        tools on how to keep your sanity
  •        how to care for yourself so you can care for your family
  •        mindset hacks to keep you on track while you are making these changes

All of this means your child goes from struggling to thrive to healthy, happy, calm and thriving.

The Breakdown:

You will receive a 45 minute nutrition consult 2x/month for 6 months. We will work together to make small consistent changes for your families health. 

At the end of each consult together we will create a customized health plan that will help you stay focused and not overwhelmed.

I am available via email to support you if you ever get stuck in between consults.   I know it’s not easy making changes.  I want you to always feel supported.

The Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program is a one of kind experience nothing else like it exists. Instead of you wasting your time scouring the internet to find the best nutrition and wellness solutions to help your child with Down syndrome thrive…I have done it for you.

Most of the nutrition information for Down syndrome is buried deep within scientific papers.  I have decoded it for you and will also customize it for your family. Your child is an individual and that extra chromosome is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your child’s health.   

You will learn it all during our 6 months together and your family’s health will be transformed forever.     

When you start to use the natural solutions recommended during The Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program you will begin to see positive changes in your family’s life.

Your child with Down syndrome is healthier and happier and so are you.   There is more peace in your home than ever before.  Everybody wins!

If you have been desperately seeking simple, practical, natural solutions and support from a caring, knowledgeable health professional to help your child with Down syndrome thrive-sign up for the waiting list of The Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program or schedule a no obligation discover call.

What makes the Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program different than any other health program you have participated in before is the support I provide plus the specific natural solutions that REALLY work to help your child with Down syndrome thrive.

Basic nutrition information is just not specific enough for their unique genetic makeup. The standard of care in the medical model simply does not address the unique challenges your child faces with the addition of an extra chromosome.

I passionately care so much about our Down syndrome community because it is MY family’s community as well.  I figured it would be quite selfish of me to do hundreds of hours of research for my daughter Ava and not share it with you all!  It is time for our children with Down syndrome to rise up and shine because that is what they were born to do.  You have to experience it to believe it!

Next Steps:

Set up a discovery call to learn if The Trisomy 21 Nutrition Program is right for you.  If you can’t find a time that works for you email me and we will find a time to chat.  

Your child with Down syndrome deserves to thrive!  I can help.

In abundant health,



3 Foods That Will Boost Those Happy Chemicals in Kids with Down syndrome

There are many brain chemicals also known as neurotransmitters that affect behavior and that are altered in the brains of individuals with Down syndrome.  For our purposes today we will be focusing on serotonin and how we can use foods to influence this brain chemical.

According to Wikipedia, Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter and is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.  You may recall that some anti-depressants such as Prozac affect a person’s serotonin level, but is it possible to raise serotonin with plain old food?

It has been well researched that individuals with Down syndrome tend to have lower levels of serotonin.  So what can we do food-wise to address this?  I want to be very clear here.  Diet alone very well may not be enough to increase serotonin levels to normal levels especially those with Down syndrome, but eating these foods should help and certainly worth a shot!

 Foods don’t technically contain serotonin, however, they do contain tryptophan which is the precursor to serotonin.  Be sure to eat these foods with healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato, oats, brown rice, or if tolerated sprouted whole grains to help with absorption. 

  1. Wild Salmon- Please, please, please no matter what you do be sure you are buying wild salmon.  Why?  Farm-raised salmon are not only not as nutrient-dense but they may contain toxic ingredients such as artificial food coloring that is added to their food to make you think they are consuming their natural diet of krill.  This is a lie! Krill are small bright orangey-red fish that is the wild salmons natural diet giving them that pinkish/reddish/orangish color.  Wild salmon contains around 400 milligrams of tryptophan and is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are also great for brain health..
  2. Pastured Eggs- Notice I didn’t say free-range or organic, although those eggs are healthier than factory-farmed also known as “regular” eggs, but the goal is really to get pastured eggs.  Why?  They are far more nutrient-dense and taste better too!  When chickens are allowed to eat from their natural environment their egg yokes will become a firm, bright orange versus pale yellow that falls apart.  Also please stop throwing out the yoke as it is the most nutrient-dense part of the egg.  Egg yolks have very high levels of tryptophan and as well as choline which is a crucial nutrient for individuals with Down syndrome.
  3. Nuts/Seeds- Ok so the one caveat to this is please make sure to properly prepare them.  Nuts/Seeds need to be soaked and then dried on low temperature preferable using a dehydrator.  This will reduce the phytic acid levels that are in most nuts/seeds.  Phytic acid affects how our bodies are able to absorb nutrients.  All nuts/seeds contain tryptophan so choose your favorites and keep in mind that peanuts are legumes and are also moldy so not recommended.  Almonds should also be used with caution because they are pasteurized and therefore not as nutrient-dense as the rest.  I like to add brazil nuts to smoothies because they are kind of funky to eat but contain a large amount of selenium which is a necessary nutrient for proper thyroid function.  Since thyroid function tends to be an issue for so many individuals with Down syndrome this may be a good nut to give a try.  

I would love to hear from you!  What is your favorite way to serve these foods?  Comment below!

Also don’t forget to grab my “Bliss 21 Club Mama Guide.”  It’s the health/wellness I created just for mom’s who have a child with Down syndrome and completely FREE

In abundant health,