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Your child with Down syndrome deserves to thrive!

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition: Individualized science-based nutritional programs including diet plans, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. The goal is to fully return the body to a state of balance and well-being.


Our little one’s need great nutrition too! In fact, there is no better time to ensure optimal nutrient status than when our bodies and brains are developing and growing. Proper nutrient status in infancy through childhood has had a profound impact on the future health status of that child.

It starts with the breast milk or formula. If you are breastfeeding you want to ensure that your nutrient status is optimal. If you are feeding your infant formula than there are many ways to incorporate better nutrition than what’s just in the store-bought formula. I can also custom create homemade infant formula recipes based on your infants individualized needs.

After years of research, I have developed a plan for when to best deliver solids to a baby for proper development of the digestive track.  This system also helps boost the child’s immune and neurological health while reducing the chance of food sensitivities.

If your child starts to work with me when they are older, that’s ok too!  It’s never too late to get your kids on the right track.  The best time to start is now as the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given what it needs.

I work to ensure that this diet plan as well as the lifestyle modifications can be incorporated into the entire family’s schedule in order to not cause additional stressors to parents or other family members.


I am well-versed in many different types of diets including Paleolithic, Vegan, Atkins, South Beach, and Mediterranean. I am able to provide structured diet plans based on both your food preferences as well as the most nutrient dense foods. Nutritional supplements may be recommended based on your food choices in order to ensure optimal nutritional status.


There are more toxins in our environment than ever before and it is critical to ensure not just optimal nutrient status but also limit our toxic load prior to conceiving. This is not just limited to the mother to be, but also the father to be.


We must ensure proper nutrient status during pregnancy as it is crucial for our baby’s growth and development. Customized diet plans are crucial during this delicate time not only to ensure optimal nutrient status but to limit food allergies, toxins, and lowered immunity some of which can be passed onto your baby.


Proper nutrition and supplement intake is essential for the best physical performance. Intense physical activity increases the body’s requirements for certain nutrients. In addition natural remedies can improve physical performance and decrease recovery time.


Experts agree that there are certain foods that can reduce aging within the body. Further there are many natural remedies that can help slow or reverse the aging process. An anti-aging diet plan, natural remedies, and certain lifestyle changes to reduce stress will have you feeling and looking your best.