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BioEnergetic Assessment

BioEnergetic Assessment

What is BioEnergetic Assessment?

BioEnergetic Assessment (BEA) is a cutting edge, non-invasive, highly comprehensive tool that utilizes a computer-based system of testing to measure “pathways” of energy called meridians which flow through the body. BEA will detect imbalances within this flow system and will assist the practitioner in creating an individualized healing solution utilizing nutrition, homeopathics, and/or botanical remedies to restore balance. The body’s flow system can be compromised by a variety of toxins such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds, fungi, pesticides, vaccinations, heavy metals, food additives, candida, allergies, and industrial pollutants.

What is the history of BioEnergetic Assessment?

In the early 1950s a German medical doctor, anatomy and physiology professor, and acupuncturist named Dr. Reinhold Voll discovered through his research the relationship between the level of energy flow within the body and the health of organs and different systems by testing acupressure points on the feet and hands. Voll theorized that energy readings higher than normal signify an acute inflammatory condition and lower readings relate to degenerative tissue damage and thus Electro-Acupressure according to Voll was born or (EAV).

Why BioEnergetic Assessment?

BioEnergetic Assessment provides detailed information into a wide range of health-related issues. The value of the BEA should not be underestimated. Health imbalances may present themselves in the electromagnetic field before they manifest as physical symptoms. BEA can be used in conjunction with other health tests such as blood, urine, saliva, and hair to determine a customized protocol to return the body to state of balance. The BEA process is one of the most exciting tools in the field of integrative health care because of its flexibility in identifying a specific and wide range of energetic imbalances.

What can I expect during BioEnergetic Assessment?

The process of BEA testing is non-invasive and painless. Due to its comprehensive nature, BEA is an essential component to my client’s wellness programs. Although BEA is not a diagnostic tool, you will find the indications of the screening process to be vital to maintain your child’s personal optimal health.