Speaking Opportunities

Gail Perrella M.S., C.N.S. has become one of the most followed people in the Down Syndrome Nutrition Therapy community on places like on Facebook and Instagram because of her no nonsense advice, motivation, and real world nutrition tips and videos.  She’s an in-demand speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of “The Bliss 21 Club,” a growing group of mother’s looking to help their children with Down syndrome thrive through nutrition therapy.

Her company, Bliss Nutrition & Wellness, has become one of the most effective nutrition coaching companies around, helping hundreds of students learn how to create more effective nutrition habits and choices. Gail speaking all over the United States every year to help spread her mission of helping every individual with Down syndrome thrive through nutrition therapy.

If you are planning your next event and want your attendees to laugh, learn, and leave motivated-then book Gail now. You have so many things to worry about…hiring the right speaker shouldn’t be one of them.

In addition to speaking at live events, Gail has also been providing virtual trainings via a webinar platform to Down Syndrome Organizations all over the country.

Call today 203-710-3925 or email gail@blissnutritionct.com to lock in your 2019 date.

What my clients are saying:

Gail Perrella provided practical, implementable advice to our parents to guide them in refining the diets of their children thereby directly improving their overall health and wellness.  Gail is so knowledgeable on the subject of nutrition, especially its impact on the health our loved ones with Down Syndrome.  She clearly lays out how their food choices not only affects the obviously things like weigh which can imped their mobility but also their ability to focus and cognitive function.  Gail is very approachable and personable leading to a free flow of discussion amongst her workshop attendees.  She presents in a way that is not intimidating for the average person.  At our convention she also effectively spoke with our self-advocates on how their food choices impact their every day lives and provided them with useful tools to assist them in making healthier choices.

Dealing with Gail from the perspective of the event organizer, she was a top-notch professional.  She was always clear with her communications, and her responses to inquiries were always very timely.  I very much look forward to working with her again at a future event.

Karen Sawyer

Down Syndrome Association of Connecticut

Convention Chair