5 Foods to To Provide Long-Lasting Energy for Busy, Tired Moms

Schedules are packed and often overbooked. 

It looks different for everyone, but there is no doubt that not only do women NEED more sleep than men, but we take the “mental load,” of running the household. 

You have young children- you are not sleeping.

You have teenagers- you are not sleeping.

So what’s a girl to do beside grab that 4th cup of the coffee or (yikes) energy drink of the day?!

Please don’t drink energy drinks they have a tone of sketchy ingredients in them.  

I have no problem with coffee unless you are having more than 1-2 cups/day as it is really taxing on the adrenal glands. 

When you are hard on your adrenal glands you begin to go into adrenal fatigue and then adrenal burnout. If you are in adrenal burnout it can take years to fix your adrenal glands.

I don’t think I know any mother who does not experience at least some level of adrenal fatigue.  As a mom to a child with Down syndrome you are more likely in adrenal burnout.

  I support my adrenals daily and encourage my clients to do the same otherwise we would be in burnout too!

A quick lesson on why our adrenal glands are over-extended, but first a history lesson.

Our ancestors also known as cavemen had a pretty simple life.  The men would hunt and gather the family’s food.  The women would care for the children and home or should I say cave, etc.

The ONLY time their adrenal glands would be firing off hormones for fight or flight would be if a saber-tooth tiger was chasing them.  In that moment, it was life or death, they would either out run the tiger or be eaten by the tiger.  

That is precisely what our adrenal glands were created for. The cave people had a good chance of out running that tiger because our adrenal glands give us kind of a super-power to ensure our species survived.  Hence the reason I am writing this article and you are reading it. 

The problem in today’s society has MANY of us stuck in fight or flight ALL DAY LONG.  

Waking up rushed to get yourself and your kids out of the house. 

Sitting in stressful traffic.

Sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day with no sunlight, no fresh air, and no connection to the earth.   

Work deadlines.

Household deadlines.

Getting home from work, rushing the kids to after school activities, a quick dinner and bedtime routines which are always so enjoyable-am I right?

Some of us moms don’t work outside the home, but there is still plenty of stress and deadlines at home.  SAHM I am NOT leaving you out!

A mom to a child with Down syndrome can add in extra doctor appointments, therapy appointments, surgeries/hospital stays. 

You aren’t stressed at all during these tasks are you?

Ok now that I have you feeling like crap (not my intention at all, but don’t worry I’m going to give you tools to fix it.)

Below are my 5 go to foods to increase energy and heal the adrenal glands:

  1. Liver– A couple of generations back families ate liver regularly, but you don’t typically see that much anymore and it’s hurting our family’s health.  I like to call liver nature’s multi-vitamin as it is high in many nutrients including vitamin A, B vitamins, easily absorbed minerals, and Omega 3s.  Be sure to choose liver from animals that have been raised organically to avoid toxic pesticides.  Don’t worry if you don’t want to eat liver! You can take liver in a capsule and still get the nutrients.
  2. Cordyceps– A mushroom that you will find most likely in capsule form is very healing to the adrenals and also increases oxygen in the blood which will help with energy. A powerful anti-oxidant that not only helps with fatigue and weakness, but also helps provide restful sleep.  Adrenal glands cannot heal if you are not sleeping well.
  3. Camu Camu-This powerful berry is typically found in powder form and has 60 times more vitamin C than  an orange!  With these high levels of vitamin C it is a natural immune booster.  You don’t have to worry about taking too much vitamin c because it’s a water soluble vitamin.  Water soluble vitamins will be excreted if the body has too much. It has anti-inflammatory compounds and is a natural energy booster.  Camu Camu is also very high in potassium which most people are actually deficient in.  
  4. Holy Basil-I pick this adaptogenic herb because it tastes good!  Don’t worry mama I got your back.  I like choosing this for my afternoon tea and pick me up instead of more coffee which will affect my sleep and too much coffee gives already anxious people more anxiety.  Am I talking to you? Adaptogenic herbs work by nourishing the adrenal glands which as we have discussed is essential for healthy energy.
  5. Green leafy greens– I bet I am not the only one who has told you to eat your salad and drink your green smoothies, but I do have one caveat to this.  Make sure you mix it.  Greens like spinach and kale although powerful in nutrients contain oxalates that can interfere with thyroid function.  Eaten raw preserves important nutrients like vitamin c, but does not remove the oxalates.  Cooking these greens is something you would want to do alternatively.  Also make sure to also rotate in green leaf, romaine, and arugula that are much lower in oxalates. 

You got this mama and these foods will help! 

I would love to hear from you!  What do you do to naturally improve your energy?

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In abundant health,