3 Tips to Lessen Your Anxiety While Moving Towards a Holistic Lifestyle.

“I am more anxious than I have every been before in my life.”

I see it everywhere social media, in local meetups, conversations with clients.

It is not EASY making changes to your lifestyle that will positively impact your families health.

Depending on where you live, it may be even more difficult if your community does not support a holistic lifestyle.

Moms are educating themselves on everyday health dangers and their anxiety in turn is rising.

I use to get so frustrated when I felt like there where moms out there who pretended like what I was saying wasn’t important or valuable for their families health.

The truth is, deep down, I believe EVERY mom knows that this world is full of toxins and it is only getting worse.

They are scared because what happens when they learn about these dangers?

Is it going to take the fun out of things?

Is it going to take the last shred of sanity from her mind?

Will she be able to handle the truth?

These are only questions that any individual mom can answer.  

There is also a catch 22 because often times when your child’s immune health or behavior is at its absolute worst is probably not the time to be making drastic changes in terms of her mental health and sanity.

However, this is exactly the time when she needs to dig deep and find the strength because not making the changes are not helping her child with Down syndrome thrive.

I, too, have felt this anxiety.  I have been on the road to holistic health for the past 10+ years and I would say it does get a bit easier.  Below are my top 3 tips to help keep your sanity.

  1. Know you can only control your environment, not anyone else’s.  Keep your home as toxin free as possible and then don’t sweat the rest. It’s not practical to never go to eat at a restaurant or friend/family’s house again.  Remember our body’s do have a detox system that only don’t work well when overloaded.  If you are keeping it clean at home, forget the rest.  The stress and anxiety are worse than the potential offending foods.  Of course, if your child has a food intolerance/sensitivity you can always bring your own somewhere, but in many cases that is just not necessary.
  2. Do educate yourself on the difference between eating a cheat/treat and eating foods full of toxins.  I really cannot stand calling something a cheat or treat.  It defeats the purpose and I do believe all real foods can nourish.  For example, you may go get pizza at a local pizza place where the pizza is made with fresh ingredients, instead of getting pizza at a place like Domino’s.  Their ingredients are not fresh and probably full of preservatives and toxic food ingredients.  Some say they are both just pizza.  I highly disagree.  Do your research.
  3. Do a detox.  EVERYONE can benefit from a detox including children.  There are many different ways to do one.  The simplest being removing processed foods from the diet to green smoothies/juices to professional detox programs. Know that we can all be perfect all the time and we can’t live in a bubble.  Learn how to detox yourself and your family members to experience greater and less anxiety.

You can do this.  




Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more support.  I can be reached at gail@blissnutritionct.com.

I believe your child with Down syndrome can thrive!

In abundant health,