Trisomy 21 Nutrition Specialist

 I help trisomy 21 families improve their quality of life by using nutrition therapy.



I work with amazing and dedicated moms who have a child with Down syndrome.

Together we make simple, consistent changes to your family’s lifestyle that will radically improve their quality of life. Having a child diagnosed with Down syndrome does not mean that all of your dreams for them have to be thrown out the window.

As we start to work together, your child with Down syndrome will begin to thrive physically, emotionally, and cognitively just like you always dreamed they would.

My very first client with Down syndrome was my daughter Ava.  She surprised us with a birth diagnosis as I was finishing my Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition.  I promised her I would do whatever it took to use nutrition and natural therapies to address and compensate for the extra chromosome.  I promised her a high quality of life where she would feel like a fulfilled and contributing member to her community and the world.

In order to complete my Master’s program I needed to write a thesis on what I wanted to specialize in upon graduation.  Ava inspired me to write my thesis entitled “Nutritional Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome.”  This was several years ago and just the beginning of the research I have done on how to improve the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome.

Together I have helped many families who have a child with Down syndrome do the same thing for their child.  It has been humbling to watch family’s journey to health as they use these tools I provide and recommend.  Although the path to healing and thriving is not as straightforward as for someone with 46 chromosomes, our children with an extra chromosome can still thrive and they deserve to!

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with nutrition.  We always had a garden and I loved to be involved in every step, but especially eating the delicious food.  Even as a kid after eating fresh, whole foods I always noticed how much better I felt.   Of course along came my teenage and college years, and eating healthy got sent to the back burner.   During this time I began to experience many different health issues that were not being resolved with modern medicine.  I knew there had to be a better way, but couldn’t seem to find it.  Finally, after struggling with my health for so many years, I booked my first appointment with a holistic practitioner and my life was never the same.  I changed my diet, took natural remedies, and began meditating.  I was blown away with the results.  I knew I had to learn how I could help others heal their bodies.

For more information on how to work with me or to schedule a 15 minute discovery call I can be reached via email gail@blissnutritionct.com.

In abundant health,